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You think it’s all over…

by Darren

…it is now.

At the end of a dive this is the ladder that helps you get back into the dive boat so you can take your weights and dive kit off, use the loo and maybe even have a chance to look at the photos that you’ve taken during the dive.  This is a well worn ladder which has clearly seen many a diver over the years.

Never mind, if it’s your first dive, maybe even your second, then an hour’s rest and you can jump right back in.  And if it’s your third or fourth, you’ll be grateful for the rest!  Now, drink some water.  Being dehydrated is one of the things that increase the likelihood of divers getting sick.  The rule is, if you don’t come up wanting a pee (and you haven’t already in your suit!), then you didn’t drink enough before you went down.  Lovely isn’t it.

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