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Warm and fuzzy

by Clare Wilders

Every Friday, Darren invites someone to become ‘Guest Editor’ for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not been previously published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is Clare Wilders, a diving instructor who has been living and working in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt for the last five years.  Clare created and runs the DiveBunnie website for women scuba divers.

Ahhh a baby horned trunk fish, or cow fish as they are sometimes called. I love these guys, with their permanent, surprised “Ooooooh!” expression. They always appear slightly ungainly underwater too, wobbling from side to side as they swim, unlike their sleeker, faster cousins. This little fellow is particularly tiny too, so of course wins double points on the cuteness front.

We will often see these fish swimming in the wake of eagle rays or other larger fish, finning like a crazy thing, desperately trying to keep up the pace, in the hope of winning a few stray scraps from the bigger fish’s food foraging.

On a composition level, I really like the warm and fuzzy feel to it, with the pretty pink corals and fluffy green algae.  The fish blends perfectly with his surroundings, a fine example of evolution that this young little fish is already bearing the exact same colours as his surroundings. Bizarrely, even the bright turquoise spots that leap out from his face, only enhance the camouflage further.

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