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Visit Slovenia. Really, do!

by Darren

I’m currently in Slovenia in southern Europe after a few days of travelling through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia. Tomorrow I have a full day of exploring the Alps around Lake Bled where I’m staying tonight.

Slovenia has been the crown of our trip, and Ljubljana the jewel. Initially we were thinking the city was a bit ‘take it or leave it’ but knew of the amazing scenery we’d seen on the way in from Zagreb, and the views to come in the mountains. Then we found the river, and everything changed.

I took this image tonight just next to one of the three bridges right in the centre of Ljubljana. I’d gone down a set of stairs towards some public toilets to get a better position for these arches and the reflection. A toilet attendant came out and looked rather stern so I thought I’d better hurry up, but then he said something in Slovenian. He followed it up with “Hey, Maestro.” I turned around to see him unlocking a gate so I could get alongside the water and get an even better view.

Of course, not everything is perfect – later I saw this poor man out walking the streets in his pyjamas! You may not be able to see it fully from the photograph, but let’s just say 1) his suit was very thin, and very crumpled and 2) it was very bright – so bright in fact that I had to reduce the highlights on Aperture just to save your poor eyes.

Anyway, it’s been a great trip so far, with Budapest the other clear favourite and Vienna the primary disappointment – I found it very crowded, worse than London even. And I couldn’t understand why the authorities locally insisted on so much street furniture which just spoiled every view of the place.

Anyway, I’ve to be up in five hours to go and photograph an Alpine lake. By 6am UK tomorrow morning (7am here) I will probably be in the very same lake having a glorious morning swim.

Sleep well. After all this I know I will!

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