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Venice in the wet

by Darren

I’ve spent the last week traveling through central Europe as part of a challenge a friend and I conceived, to visit all 47 sovereign states in the continent of Europe, plus the individual parts of the UK (it adds three to the total and makes it ‘EuroFifty’).

Therefore our summer holiday this year was always going to be a ‘Grand Tour’ – a term used to describe the journey young men would take in the 18th century to become enlightened.  Our tour has taken us from Prague in the Czech Republic, to Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Julian Alps (still Slovenia), San Marino and Venice (Italy).  Just to round off the trip, we dashed over to Verona this morning but more of that in later pics and posts.

Anyway, I’m about to leave Venice for home so thought you’d like to see a few pictures.  Unfortunately it was very wet yesterday so we had to be inventive.

We started out on the Grand Canal but after lunch we decided to venture into the back streets.  The image above is much more what I expected Venice to look like than the mass expanse of water in the main thoroughfare.

I’m certain Phill Price would have done a better job of the buildings (in fact he’s on his way to Italy right now so suspect he may do just that!) but I chose to focus mainly on the people, making the best of a bad day in the rain.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

Not all of the boats are for transport

A gondola builder's workshop

Watching the tourists

A local makes his way home

The wrong time to be running errands!

Playing in the rain

It may be wet, but Venice still calls a smile

Erm, no thanks!

Still, there are some that will brave the rain

But no-one wants to sit at an outside cafe

The day's over, but that gondola won't clean itself!

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