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by Darren

Today I’m going to post some images from our recent diving trip to Peurto Galera in the Philippines.

I try to like all of the creatures on our planet I really do.  I even quite like slugs, except when Thomas eats one from the garden and immediately throws it up again in our living room.  But I just can’t bring myself to care about nudibranch, a vast array of species of sea slug.

I know lots of divers who love nudibranches, partly because they are so abundant and colourful and are a common sight on coral reefs across the world.  When the dive guide beckons me over to show me something I am invariably disappointed to see one of these little things just slugging about on the coral.  When we were in Puerto Galera the dive shop was selling a book called “Nudibranch Behaviour”.  I almost bought it, then realised it would be full of entries saying “Sits on coral.  Moves very slowly.  Doesn’t do very much.  Isn’t very bright.”

In the film Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties (yes I know I need to get out more)  there’s a dog character who is a bit dim.  He repeats in a big dumb voice, provided by Vinnie Jones, “Trowsers”, an item of Billy Connolly’s he likes to eat.  I imagine nudibranches to be exactly the same as Rommel the dog, except instead of “Trowsers” they repeat to themselves “Cawral”.

Not the most interesting creature you’ll see underwater. Comes in varied colours though! Perfect for any mood or occasion.

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