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They’ll take the shirt off your back!

by Darren

Just been watching Dragons’ Den, and if there’s an animal that I’ve met that would take the shirt off your back, it’s these sykes monkeys and their vervet monkey partners in crime.  Spend any time on the Kenyan coast south of Mombassa and you’ll probably meet one or both species.

In 2007 I took my parents on Safari, and they even managed to get a vervet in their tent!  Luckily they didn’t lose anything (or at least they didn’t know they’d lost it if they did) but it was all over the place very quickly.  I’ve never worked with chimps, but I gather from other photographers they’re worse.  Some colleagues even go as far as choosing not to work with them because it’s so much hassle.

I’m sure I’d love it – I certainly enjoy seeing these little fellas.

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