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The picturesque patchwork

by Antje Bormann

Every Friday, Darren invites someone to become ‘Guest Editor’ for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not been previously published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is Antje Bormann who describes herself as an enthusiastic photographer with a proper day job. You can see some of Antje’s photography on her blog and Flickr sites.

I would like to finish today with a picture that shows that what I wrote in the last post can actually result in something that is rather picturesque in its own right. Like in fashion, patchwork can look ugly, but it can also be amazing.  The unifying factor in terms of architecture for Venice is of course that it’s built in a lagoon, so buildings, not matter from which century, would somehow have to be designed to cope with that.  That and the water probably make for a more homogenous appearance of this particular city, which I would love to visit one day.

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