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The otherworldly Tarsier

by Dave 'The Longest Way Home'

If there is one little creature in the world I find otherworldly it’s the Tarsier. This particular chap comes from Sulawesi, in Indonesia.  A mix between the cute one from the movies “Gremlins” and a mini teddy bear, there’s really nothing to dislike about the Tarsier. Darren’s managed to photograph this one at night it seems, which is very appropriate as they are nocturnal creatures. What’s more – Darren’s also managed the rare feat of photographing the Tarsier in an action shot.  If you are ever lucky enough to see one in person you’ll know how hard this is as they are incredibly slow moving, docile creatures. I’d also like to point out that these creatures are endangered, at least in The Philippines, where, quite basically not much is being done about it.  I’ve written before about the Tarsier and its plight in the Philippines  on my own blog.

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