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The most densely populated country in the EU

by Darren

The other night I asked Louise what the most densely populated country in the EU was, pointing out that we had visited it this year.  Germany? She guessed.  Nope.  Italy?  Nope.  Slovenia?  Argentina?  Trinidad & Tobago?  Now she was just naming random countries whether or not they were in the EU or even Europe.

The answer is Malta.  Which came as a huge surprise to us both – this is a fairly typical image from our weekend there, rugged landscape, little development, no-one or nothing in sight except a church (the highest one of 359 on the island).  When we went out for dinner on the Saturday night the place was deserted – few restaurants were open and the one we did find had our group of three and then later another two people.  Valletta was not buzzing that night.

Not sure where everyone was when we visited but just proves that appearances can be deceptive.

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