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The freedom of the road

by Darren

Normally my mantra when taking photos is stay low, especially when taking pictures of animals.  To have a mammal look at you, you will need to be at eye level or below.  Makes images of lions an interesting effort!

This is one time I didn’t stay low. We were driving back towards Barcelona from Andorra and stopping off to take photos whenever something took our eye. I was particularly enthusiastic and yelled “stop stop stop” a few times – one in particular leading to one of my photos which Guest Editor James Barisic commented on recently.

A bit later in the same journey we’d stopped and I looked over the side of a road bridge.  I really liked the formation of the white lines.

At precisely the moment the thought was forming ‘wouldn’t this be great if there was a car’, I heard the rumble of a bike and knew I’d only have one chance. It would be a wonderful composition, but if I turned around to see where it was on the road, or even waited until I saw it, I’d miss.

I think this image really captures a sense of freedom, of adventure and the potential at the end of the road. If you want to sell stock your images need to be able to communicate at least one but preferably many concepts.

This has loads. A real gem.  I couldn’t have hoped for a more fantastic piece of luck.

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