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The best of friends

by Darren

We’ve seen this pair a few times this week.  At first there doesn’t appear to be any symbiotic relationship but a brief internet search throws up a few other isolated cases of trumpetfish and parrotfish hanging around together, with a claim that the trumpetfish is using the parrotfish for cover.  Given their relative shapes and sizes, that seems strange, but of course we don’t see things in the same way as their underwater predators.

It’s always been on the same reef, and looks to be the same two fish.  It was a fascinating interaction to watch.  Often the parrotfish would go down to the reef to nibble on coral and the trumpetfish would wait mid-water, then they’d swim on a bit and do the same again.

The greatest pleasures in nature are to be found just watching what goes on.  It’s fascinating!

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