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Tarsier – a follow up…

by Dave 'The Longest Way Home'

Okay, I stand corrected. Darren’s kinda outdone himself here. I’ve rarely, if ever, come across a Tarsier this active. And, I’ve never seen one eating before!

Again, it’s at night or pre dawn morning. The same chap I believe. What’s more he’s managed to catch and is now eating a Mantis!

There’s a huge difference in photography and “wildlife photography”. This is a prime example. A night shot of a rare Tarsier who’s caught and is eating in it’s natural environment. I don’t know how long Darren stayed in waiting to capture this shot. Whether it was at the end of long sequence or a one off. I don’t think it matters.  The fact of the matter is this, to me,  this is a photograph few can obtain.

Come on Darren, let us in on your secrets in capturing this rare moment!

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