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Someone to carry the gear!

by Darren

Over the past year or so my wife Louise has started to get more involved in photography.  She’s gone from always taking a book whenever we go out to carrying around her own camera as well as a book.  First a Leica compact, now a 350D (yes it’s a hand-me-down).  Of course, the good thing about her carrying a camera is that I can get her to carry some extra lenses too.  “Yes darling, you’ll need that 300mm F4. It seems a bit heavy for you to hold up on a camera in front of you?  You’ll be ok with it.  No, I’m not asking you to carry it because I want it and can’t be bothered to take a bigger bag, I’m hurt at the very thought!”

I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she’s an enthusiastic amateur who still has lots to learn and asks a lot of questions – not always listening to the answers though….

One of the most important things I’ve been trying to teach her and a key tip for anyone who wants to improve their photography – particularly landscape photography – is to draw the viewer into the image.  Often an image of a beautiful landscape can look flat and uninteresting because there’s nothing to entice you.  I tell Louise to try to have a path in the image – something that goes from corner to corner which the eye can follow.  Sometimes you’re lucky enough that the landscape provides that naturally for you, such as this lovely curved beach in Port Ballintrae, Northern Ireland, near Giant’s Causeway.

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