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So just what are you thinking?

by Neil Alexander

Every Friday, Darren invites someone to become ‘Guest Editor’ for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not been previously published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is Neil Alexander (also known as Manctog). a landscape, travel and portrait photographer based in South Manchester. Neil says he wouldn’t really call himself a professional photographer, nor an amateur.  He would simply say that photography is his calling… his ramblings and work can be perused at his website and more concise daily nonsense on his Twitter feed.

In trying to decide which images to write about, I keep coming back to this rather striking little fella though I’m rather unsure as to what to say about him. The really shallow depth of field accentuates his particularly spotty upper body and head, but he doesn’t appear to have any wings and looks altogether a little odd. The little dapple of sunlight in the bottom right of the frame really helps to draw you into the photograph, and up to his eye. You’re left wondering “So just what are you thinking little fella?”

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