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Send a tweet and change the world

by Darren

Well that came out of the blue.  I thought we were in for a long(er) battle here.  It’s been tough so far, but that’s nothing like the battle it would have been to carry on through the weekend in the face of seemingly heartless and blunt opposition.

I was wandering around Long Acre at lunchtime talking to Louise and James on the phone when the news broke, first about the penguins.  There were some tears – the emotion after what has been a difficult week just had to come out.

I want to say a heartfelt and genuine thank you to Hamleys.  Finally you’ve listened and acted.  I’m still not sure why you took so long when 180,000 people told you via twitter, email and phone that they felt this was wrong, but nevertheless thank you.  We hope you will never consider this kind of stunt again.

Obviously there are so many people to thank.  Everyone on twitter (between us we sent 2.9 million tweets on this subject!) including a few who have been as tireless as me, Louise and James.  I’m writing this on the fly so can’t namecheck you all right now, but you know who you are.  Born Free (who broke the story first on CEO Will Travers’ blog) have also campaigned tirelessly to stop this, and I know Will has kept in touch with the situation and directed things from a visit abroad where he is also doing great things to improve animal welfare.

And finally, this wouldn’t have happened without James Barisic and my wonderful wife Louise.  Louise has held the fort for much of this and kept me (and you) informed, while James’ social media skills were perfect to give this campaign the exposure it needed and keep it in the public eye all week.

Five tweets started all this on Monday night.  A bit of a rant, that was all.  I was outraged.  And so were you.  Sometimes I feel like we can’t do anything.  This week you’ve proved that’s not true.

Send a tweet and change the world!  For the better…..

You did that.  I truly love you all.  Really, I do.