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School’s Out!

by Darren

I’ve just arrived in Bonaire, an island in the Dutch Antilles (southern Caribbean).  I was fortunate on my second dive yesterday to spend some quality time with this fish which didn’t seem at all bothered by my presence and posed for about 15 minutes on the wreck of La Machaca – a dive site that’s about 100 metres away from my hotel.

It’s a Schoolmaster fish, and earlier in the dive I was really interested in the teeth.  I wanted a head-on image from just below to really show this feature.

Images of fish from above are usually pretty boring, but I quite like this dopey, forlorn looking portrait.  The scars on it’s face seem really deep and disfiguring and the teeth are on show.  It’s nice not to cut off bits of a subject – fins, tails etc, but this crop always seems to work well due to the shape and markings on the fins.

This is the one I was looking for.  You can really see those teeth now and it’s looking straight on, a bit fierce!

Back out today so I’ll try and post more as the week goes on.

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