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Not as common as it sounds

by Darren

This lovely bird is the Common Gull.  Despite seemingly widespread presence throughout the UK the name Common Gull is somewhat misleading.  More likely to be found is the Herring Gull or the Black headed Gull.  It’s fairly normal though for people to lump them all together under the name Seagull.  Which isn’t a type of gull at all.  And indeed totally the wrong name since they are rarely found at sea.  They’re more likely to be found at the coast, or even on inland sites than they are out to sea.

The Common Gull is also on the RSPB’s Amber List of birds within the UK – it isn’t critical nor is it in need of urgent conservation action, however it isn’t regularly occurring and its conservation status is unfavourable.  As with many other species which are regarded as nuisances or pests I have a soft spot for the Common Gull (and other gulls too).  I’d hate to see it move onto the Red List just because it can be a bit noisy and troublesome to humans.