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Missing you fella

by Darren

There’s a downside to all of this traveling – would you believe more than one actually, but let’s put the personal discomfort and long delays to one side.  It means less time spent at home, and less time with our beloved cat Thomas.

He’s currently staying with his Nanny in Glasgow.  I’ve had lots of comments about it being excessive for us (well, Louise actually) to drive him to Scotland so that he can spend two weeks with people he knows in a surrounding that he’s comfortable with, but he’s as much a member of the family as us and we care about him a lot.  You may be aware that when he came to us from the RSPCA, he had been ‘left on the shelf’ for quite a while because he was so nervous and didn’t want to come out of his bed to see potential adoptors, so it’s really important that he’s happy and contented.  And apparently he is – reports we’ve received say that he thinks he’s in charge, and has been staying up late every night looking out of the living room window onto the busy road outside.

Anyway, he gets home late on Tuesday.  Looking forward to seeing the little fella.

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