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Messing with my mind

by James

Every Friday Darren invites someone to be Guest Editor for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not previously been published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is James Barisic, lawyer extraordinaire and PhotoLegal co-host.  You can see some of James’ photos and join in discussions on the big issues of the day such as Brown Sauce: good or evil? at his website – Socialholic.

Don’t you just love when a photo just grabs you and then messes with your thought processes?

I am so conflicted about this picture, it’s not true. I absolutely love the clean lines of the road and the way it disappears into the forest on the other side as if it was never really there in the first place. I also find the juxtaposition of the natural and the industrial quite beautiful in a strange way.

And then the more I look at it, the louder the voice in my head gets until it’s shouting ‘What a terrible place to put a road! Look how amazing that valley could have been without the road! What an awful scar on the landscape!’

The bridge, at the same time, blends into its environment and destroys what was a naturally beautiful place. But, then again, I suppose that is what we do, isn’t it?

And that’s what a photo does – makes us stop, look and think.

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