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It’s (not) all in the eyes

by Darren

Normally when choosing images from a shoot that are worth keeping or should be discarded I look closely at the subject’s eyes.  If the eye isn’t sharp or looks dull and black as opposed to having a nice catchlight then chances are I will bin that photo.

This is one of the few exceptions.  You have to look closely to see this little fella’s eyes through his fur which is flapping about in the wind and with his movement.  Despite not having the sharp eyes that I normally insist on having this image has something else which is just as important as technical perfection – it has personality and, especially when photographing pets, that’s something that no amount of technical expertise can create.

It involves creating a relationship with and understanding the subject.  And to be honest, that’s what I’m in this game for.  It isn’t for megapixels or bokeh, or even plain old perfect exposure.  It’s to get to spend time with wonderful creatures.

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