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I’m getting soaked out here, are the kids grateful?

by Darren

I really enjoy taking photographs in the rain.  It offers an opportunity to create some unique images and get a different perspective.  I quite like being on location when it’s raining – most of the idiots that upset the wildlife don’t realise that their skin is waterproof and disappear into the dry.  Having said that – when I took this photo I was inside the conservatory underneath a makeshift hide made from a dining room chair.

While I had the opportunity to stay in the dry this poor fella didn’t have the same choice.  There were a lot of juveniles around and this adult starling was out looking for food to take back to the nest.  It might be a natural instinct but the starling doesn’t look terribly happy about it all.  I wouldn’t like to be the baby starling who said “but Mum, Dad, I don’t want bugs, I want a fat cake….”

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