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I no meen to be nawty

by Darren

Here’s another picture of Thomas – this image was made just after he came to us last year.  At the time he was still very timid, and was hiding out in his now defunct bed – he seems to prefer mine now, and takes some time after every trip away I make getting used to the fact that this particular space is no longer his!

Anyway, he’s in trouble.  And no it’s not because of his dreadful spelling on his twitter account.  Yes, the cat has a twitter account which ‘he’ seems to update fairly regularly.  Indeed he’s also quite a fan of the ipad and can usually be found sitting on one or bashing Louise or me to get out of the way when we’re using it.  A real techno-cat.

I digress.  We’re quite generous in allowing Thomas freedom to roam around the house, but he’s not allowed on the dining room table, he’s not allowed on the coffee table in the lounge, if we decide to eat dinner in the lounge then he’s not allowed on the sofa whilst we’re doing so, and he is most certainly not allowed on the kitchen worktops.  Basically he’s not allowed anywhere that food is prepared or consumed.  If I had my way then I’d ban him from my desk too, but someone else lets him up there which resulted in a grumpy moment when I was about to make a telephone call this evening and needed to clean the desk before I could sit down.

He’s in trouble because last night he decided to get on the kitchen worktop.  Usually he scampers immediately when caught, but (trying to push the boundaries no doubt) this time he got up there blatantly in front of us and ignored us both when we told him to get down.  So, I picked him up (he never likes that), put him out of the room into the hallway, and shut the door.  He also didn’t get his treat.

If he behaves a little better tonight then he might get one of his favourite ‘nom sticks’.  But only just might.

Anyway, there’s a slightly different post for once – a view into chez Hector instead of my rants and moans about how badly humans treat wildlife, or how beautiful or wonderful this or that creature is.

Actually, beautiful and wonderful is how we’d sum up this little troublesome ball of fur.  Our lives have been enhanced since he came into them, and I hope he feels that his has too.  Just keep off the worktop please Thomas!

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