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Hide and seek

by Darren

Wildlife photography takes a lot of work before you raise the camera or release the shutter.

Even once prior research (an essential component) is done, you have to go and find wildlife to create images of it.  It can be difficult enough on land – mammals hide behind bushes, birds find that one remaining leafy branch, but underwater it’s so much more difficult.  So much is going on.  Everything including you and the camera is moving, and time is limited.  You can’t focus solely on looking for marine life, you also have to keep a close eye on your gauges as safety is paramount and whatever you manage to capture in camera, it isn’t much use if you’re 30m under with no air left!

Diving with a local guide is a real advantage, they know what is likely to be where and they are fantastic spotters. But wildlife don’t always make it easy for you.

This is a juvenile crinoid cuttlefish and is almost completely hidden by the seabed it is resting upon.  It’s just a few centimetres long so you can’t blame it for having a defensive trick or two up it’s cuttle!

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