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He’s coming home

by Darren

One thing every photographer is acutely aware of is that it’s not the camera that takes the image, it’s the photographer. That said, we really are spoilt in the modern era of digital photography.

Yes, that does mean there’s a massive increase in mediocre photography seeing the light of day which is regrettable. After all, it’s like singing – most people can frame and expose a picture with a bit of help, and virtually everyone has a subject they love enough to put in the effort, so it is on the editing that most fall down. Their waste basket simply isn’t big enough.

I digress, we really are spoilt for choice. Areas like underwater photography have come on in leaps and bounds since the advent of digital, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the new generation of super fast ISO cameras can do to push the boundaries further.

As I mentioned on Sunday, our cat Thomas is coming home today, and although I never need an excuse to publish a picture of him, it does seem like an opportunity to share with you this recently captured image I took while testing the Canon 1d mk4. This image was made at ISO 10,000, and has had no noise reduction applied.

It really captures his character, something which due to the performance of the camera I was able to do without harshly lighting the image with flash, and without disturbing him too much.

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