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Guest Editors: The Top 3 Posts – Rosamundi

by Darren

Every Friday for the past 13 weeks I’ve asked someone to guest edit the website and select three or four of my images to comment on.  We’ll continue with the guests next week, but for one week only I thought it would be nice to pause and reflect upon those contributions, and choose my top 3.  A difficult task.

No.2 goes to Rosamundi, a keen amateur photographer, you can find out more about her than you ever wanted to know by going to her website.  Rosamundi’s day in the chair was the only one for which I’ve been ‘commissioned’ to take images for rather than just digging out a pile from stock.

She confesses to having a swan addiction (not in the Royal way!) and given a few of us were down at Windsor Castle the weekend before for a photowalk, I decided to go to one of my favourite places to see swans on the river – Datchet.  We used to live near there and I always liked this location so it was great to be able to take a few friends there to take pictures.

The other reason I picked this one out is because it covers a large section of my work, in which I aim to show the beauty of the natural world.  I’m unashamedly a ‘chocolate box’ wildlife photographer, and my shortlist included this Cheetah chosen by Dave, Mrs Squirrel chosen by Jacqui-Marie, and this Shag chosen by Neil Alexander (even if he did only pick it for the name!).

In the end, you can’t beat having the ‘client’ there with you when you create an image and that’s what won it.  I hope you enjoy again Rosamundi’s “A swan, for a swan obsessive.”

There had to be one swan in here. I think they’re wonderful and I am honoured that Darren shot some specially for my guest editor posts. This image makes me smile, from a combination of the subject and the reminder of a wonderful day out in Windsor. I particularly like the halo effect from the sun behind the head, the slightly quizzical expression that makes me wonder what he was thinking of all these strange people who turned up with cameras to take hundreds of pictures of him, and the feather stuck to his beak.

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