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Guest Editors: The Top 3 Posts – Phill Price

by Darren

Every Friday for the past 13 weeks I’ve asked someone to guest edit the website and select three or four of my images to comment on.  We’ll continue with the guests next week, but for one week only I thought it would be nice to pause and reflect upon those contributions, and choose my top 3.  A difficult task.

At the risk of being accused of choosing one by a mate, this post about Zebras is my favourite of those so far.  Phill Price is a fellow PhotoLegal host, and as an architectural and city photographer extraordinaire has been to most Photowalk London events too.  Although apparently he doesn’t do pictures of Friday evening traffic …

It’s short, but very funny – enjoy Phill’s “Zebra Crossing” once more.

There are so many reasons I love this photo. Whether it’s the pairing of the front two in focus, the creamy twilight colour, or maybe it’s the composition of the four. No hang on a minute, it’s that it’s zebras. The world’s craziest hairdo and the most unlikely camouflage mean these are wonderful animals. Hopefully one day I’ll get to actually see them for real; until then I guess I’ll have to make do with Angel Wings by Thomas Heatherwick

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