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Guaranteed to raise a smile, but is it real?

by Darren


Well I hope you had a good Christmas.  The dolphin’s perma-smile is both guaranteed to bring a warm glow, and also the biggest deception in nature because humans think they are always happy.  By supporting swim with dolphin experiences or dolphin shows you are supporting the capture of these beautiful creatures, and the brutal murder of their family members who aren’t chosen by trainers.

It’s still Christmas so I’ll leave the negative stuff there, but if you haven’t seen the documentary film ‘The Cove’ then I’ll urge you to make it your New Year’s resolution.  And please don’t visit these places.

I’m pleased to say that this particular dolphin was swimming free when I saw it – at Abu Nuhas reef in the Red Sea.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see dolphins there twice this year.  On the second occasion there was an opportunity to slip into the water for a brief few frames.  I’m hoping I’ll get another opportunity in 2013, but you can guarantee the only way I will see and photograph dolphins (or any other wild animal) is in the wild!

Hope you enjoy the picture.

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