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Going home

by Darren

As I type, the Pope is meeting the Prime Minister before he leaves for the Vatican.  Almost echoing my post last week, I’m pleased to see that David Cameron will tell the Pontiff that he has offered a message to each and every one of us, and that “people do not have to share a faith to see the value of the ‘searching questions’ that the Pope has posed about society and how we treat ourselves and each other”.

When he wakes tomorrow and looks out of a window in the papal apartments, he’ll see this wonderful view that I was fortunate to observe on Easter Saturday last year.  I took the image from the steps of St Peter’s Basilica at sunrise when there were very few people about.  The lines to the bottom right corner are the aisle between rows of chairs set up for Mass the following day, the most important in the church calendar.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a Catholic but I do find the Vatican a very spiritual and beautiful place.  Whatever your faith, it really is worth a visit.

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