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Don’t look down Nik!

by Darren

Another image from my recent trip to Niagara Falls, I love the power of nature that is evident in this image, not just from the water crashing down but also the moody sky and the inhospitable green foamy water at the bottom of the Horseshoe Falls.

In about half an hour, Nik Wallenda will attempt to cross the iconic Horseshoe Falls on a 5cm thick tightrope. Stunts are banned at Niagara Falls and it has taken two years of negotiations with both sides for him to be allowed to undertake this attempt, with costs of approximately $1.3m.

Should everything go to plan, he’ll step off of Goat Island on the US side of the falls (above the rocks to the left of the above image) and walk the 550m to Table Rock in Canada, 60m above the raging torrent of water. Not only will it be the first tightrope crossing in over 100 years, but if successful he will be the first person to cross the actual falls on a tightrope – previous crossings were of the gorge further downstream.

Having stood at the base of the falls on a boat and felt the spray and mist on my face (and on my lens which became impossible to clean for much of the experience), I can confirm the water is as unwelcoming as it looks.

Please Nik, tread carefully and don’t look down!

UPDATE: It took just 25 minutes from leaving the US for Nik Wallenda to rock up at the Canadian border (with his passport) in the most unconventional way. They asked him “What’s the purpose of your trip to Canada?”, Nik replied “To inspire people around the world.”

He certainly has!

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