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Dive dive dive!

by Darren

We had a meet up of a group called ‘Photowalk London’ today which I founded a couple of years back but haven’t had a lot of time to give attention to in the last year.  We’ve always held previous meets in London (not surprising really given the name!) but I thought it would be nice at this time of year to escape the grey skies and get out into the countryside.

We had a walk around part of the lake at Virginia Water which Louise and I used to visit quite a bit when we lived in Slough.  It’s now about half an hour away so I should visit it more really.

We had a great session including some time watching a bunch of black-headed gulls and some ducks (mallards, mandarins and tufted) squabble over some scraps of bread being thrown by families visiting the lake.  It was a no-brainer for me, I absolutely adore gulls so I had some fun tracking them as they patrolled back and forth looking for opportunities to swoop.

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