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Cute – or cliched?

by Darren

People seem to have split views on this processing technique. Some think it’s quite interesting to highlight the main focus of the photograph and to really draw attention to the vibrant colour of that focus – which is particularly true in the case of a subject as bright as this male taveta golden weaver. Others think it’s a bit of a cliche and it more about adding novelty value than anything else. I don’t have any strong opinions – it’s a technique I think I’ve used two or three times and like everything else it has its advantages and drawbacks.

Of course the correct term for this technique is “Schindlering” – after the appearance of a little girl in a red coat in the black and white film Schindler’s List. Hip wedding photographer Derek Pye has a how-to guide – I recommend that all would be Schindlerers take the time to read his professional advice :-p

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