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by Darren

Let’s be honest here, one of the first things we’re all eager to teach a newbie who’s just bought their first SLR camera is how to make water look all misty.  This type of image has been completely overdone, and unless it’s spectacular (and this one’s not) it has no place on any self-respecting photographers blog.  Or does it?

Mediocrity in photography is a major problem.  People’s waste baskets are never big enough.  I used to take 1,000+ images in a full-on day of photography, and if I got 1% that were usable then that was a good day, but I still kept far too much rubbish.  Now I’ll take significantly fewer (a couple of hundred on Saturday, and that’s only because there were gulls) and keep even less – if I get one or two that I’m happy with then great, but it takes a lot to make the grade.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do clichés for fun though, and virtually everyone who went to Photowalk London last weekend was using a tripod or balancing a camera on a post to make this kind of image at this waterfall.  Don’t hold that against us – we’re just doing it because we can, and it’s not as if anyone was simultaneously giving a lecture on Sunny 16!

In underwater photography the equivalent is an image of a clownfish coming out of an anemone, but don’t say that to a very experienced diver who’s proud of the picture he’s just taken.  I did once ….

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