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Chromodoris willani, as if I could care

by Darren

OK, so my views on nudibranch have been expressed previously, and they aren’t polite.  And they are firmly held views … I think …..

Despite those views, I’d taken the pictures of these sea slugs and therefore they need to be identified.  Web searches brought up little, so when I was browsing in a book shop last night and came across an encyclopedia of the little coloured fellows I thought I’d pass the time by working out what this is.

A good idea, except I’m probably a bit impressionable.  I also have a weakness for collecting.  Here were thousands of something, and I could buy the book and tick off the few I’d seen.  Then I could go places and tick off some more ….

Then I noticed the book was fifty quid.  Enough to squash a stupid idea in a moment.

Anyway, Chromodoris willani was the answer.  As if I could care.  Really.  Until the next time ……

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