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by Darren

One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is Walk on the Wild Side – comedian Jason Manford and friends add very funny voiceovers to footage from the BBC’s wildlife archive.  The second series is currently being recorded and I’m looking forward to its return.  Characters range from singing sharks to a Rocky-a-like bear.  There’s also a couple of puffins who sing and dance and sound remarkably like Chas and Dave.  Puffins just like this pretty fella I saw during a diving trip to the Farne Islands last year.

Although it was a diving trip to spend some time with grey seals I took some extra time to spend above water with the puffins.  They are fabulous birds and offer a real splash of colour and noise to a landscape that can sometimes be a bit dull.  And they do brilliant Chas and Dave impressions.

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