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Caught unaware

by Darren

As everyone knows, my first love in photography is wildlife in its own environment be that a lion in the Masai Mara, a turtle swimming with in the Caribbean Sea or Thomas Cat (hardly wildlife I know!) in the garden.  I don’t especially like taking photographs of people, particularly not posed images.  Nature always seems to pose the subject better than us!

On our trips this year I’ve tried to work at my weaker subjects, like people and buildings.  This stallholder packing plums at a fruit market in Zagreb is one of my favourites.

I’ve approached it very much like wildlife photography – I like to catch people unaware, just going about their daily business not knowing they are being watched.  I find that it makes for much more believable images than some of the family portraits that you see with everyone grinning like loons.  I stay back, respect the individuals and their territory and observe rather than try to control the action.  I haven’t tried going low and slow in some foreign market, crawling through the undergrowth nearby wearing camouflage gear.  But it’s only a matter of time 😉

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