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Caught chimping

by Darren

Despite the bad weather this isn’t a recent photograph.  This is Bremen last New Year and a sneaky image of Louise chimping.

Chimping is the act of repeatedly taking a photo and then checking it.  It’s good to check once to know that your settings are right (it’s great advice to turn on your histogram feature and learn how to use it) but if you check too often then you’ll spend more time looking at images than actually creating them.  You might miss the moment when, as Basil Fawlty speculated might happen at some point, flying wildebeest sweep majestically across the horizon!

Of course it’s more likely to be just a cracking behavioural image you miss, and you are there to see the wildlife.  There’s plenty of time to check whether you got the picture when you get home.  We’re all guilty of it though – sometimes it’s just too tempting to see your work at the time.  The beauty of digital photography.

A word of warning though.  The little LCD is pretty rubbish when you need to identify what you’ve got.  Too many times I’ve looked, got all excited at capturing the perfect image, decided I can’t do any better and moved on.  Yep, those would be the times when I’ve got home and my excited look turns to a knot in the stomach and dread as I realise the focus wasn’t spot on or it’s slightly blurred.

Not a good feeling.  Not a good habit.  Stoppit!

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