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Brass Monkeys!

by Darren

After yesterday I needed something to cheer me (and you) up so I decided to dig out something that would get a bit of a giggle.  When you spend a lot of time in the wild, one thing you see a fair bit of is animals having sex (or in one case a baboon sitting ready(!) and waiting for it at the side of the road.

I really shouldn’t laugh at wildlife, and am certain that someone will start a campaign against me for such blatant cruelty, but hey, sticks and stones and all that.  Given we’re getting quite a few frosty mornings in the UK at the moment, this picture really fits in to the season!

As you can see I’m sure, the interesting feature of this vervet monkey is the bright blue testicles.  First time you see them there’s certainly a bit of a double-take.

The testicles get brighter as the monkey rises up (excuse the pun) the social order, so this one really is the dog’s monkeys b…….!

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