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Back to normal – a beautiful smiling wonderpus

by Darren

Well, with all that campaigning over the blog can get back to ‘normal’ and I can start showing you pictures of animals in the wild again – where nature intended.  When I say ‘back to normal’, I appreciate that I’ve been neglecting the blog for a while before the Hamleys situation started as things have been busy, so I’ll try harder to show you regular images.

I looked through my unpublished pics this morning, and this image of a smiling wonderpus just jumped out at me.  I wonder why!

Wonderpus are an incredibly beautiful species of octopus found in and around the Philippines (I took this one in Puerto Galera in June).  It wasn’t officially recognised as it’s own species until 2006 – it’s often confused with the mimic octopus.

There’s a study of them taking place at the moment, aided because every animal has a unique pattern of stripes.  If you’re a diver and you happen to be fortunate enough to see wonderpus while you have a camera, take a picture from the top down.  Dive guides in the areas where they occur are aware of the project and will let you know how you can send the picture to the researchers so they can track movement of individuals and build up a picture of their activity.

But for today, I just can’t get past that smile!