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Animals to learn to love #3 – columba livia

by Darren

I can usually persuade most people to love a wood pigeon because they look so dopey and stupid – we’re willing to accept that.  Feral pigeons are something else – usually looking like they’re afflicted by some terrible disease, they’re smart, savvy, and not far from those gulls I mentioned earlier when it comes to aggression and scrapping.

Like other wildlife that occupies areas of human habitation (I’d wager that the wildlife was there first), it’s our fault that they are so widespread.  On Fraser Island in Australia there are often reported cases of dingoes bothering campers – the rangers have a saying that ‘a fed dingo is a dead dingo’.  If some humans feed feral pigeons in Trafalgar Square then it’s hardly surprising that they think all human food is available to them.