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A quiet bird – for the moment

by Darren

This Herring Gull is just having a peaceful perch on a wall, not disturbing anyone.  For a moment anyway.  I’m sure the squawking will start in a moment.

The European Herring Gull is one of the most widely known birds in Britain, even if it is often lumped together with other gulls with the catch-all “seagull” name.  As with many of the species that I enjoy photographing and spending time with gulls are regarded by many as a pest, particularly as they scavenge for food – ripping bin bags open, sometimes taking the food directly from the hands of unsuspecting people and in one fantastic case – stealing Doritos from an Aberdeen shop.

Gulls are known for their noisy nature as couples court and mate and juveniles call for food.  Non-lethal methods of trying to move them from urban or occupied areas have tended to be unsuccessful.  They are much too clever to fall for any of our silly human tricks.  Despite this their numbers are falling quite dramatically and the RSPB has now placed the Herring Gull on their “Red List” of threatened bird species.  I imagine there are many people who would welcome the decline, thinking that their lives will be that little bit quieter.

They will.  But they’ll also be just that little bit sadder too.

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