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A place of comfort

by James

Every Friday Darren invites someone to be Guest Editor for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not previously been published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is James Barisic, lawyer extraordinaire and PhotoLegal co-host.  You can see some of James’ photos and join in discussions on the big issues of the day such as Brown Sauce: good or evil? at his website – Socialholic.

This is a fruit market in Riga near the bus station.

Some of my early memories are in and around markets in London. I still find them comforting places to be – the hustle and bustle, the movement and noise. But it has always struck me that European markets are so much better at food – especially fruit and vegetables. It isn’t necessarily that the food is better (although often it is) but there is something about how they seem to care for it and be interested in it and the way the customers pick it up and touch it and smell it.

There are few things as vibrant and exciting as markets in my mind – and they’re also great ways of supporting local economies and reducing food miles. What’s not to like?

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