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A home away from Home

by Darren

One of the questions I get asked most often relates to spending time waiting in a hide. It may seem terribly dull to sit for hours on end waiting for something to happen (or not happen as is often the case), but I find that the time passes easily.

Even if what you’re looking for isn’t happening there’s usually some activity to watch, and being alert, while exhausting, tends to make sure the quiet times feel shorter.

I can remember sitting watching this nesting box I had put up, somewhat late in the nesting season. To give the birds a headstart, I’d put some nuts and other food inside. All that was needed was to bring some nesting material and that woulkd be a home.

These blue tits didn’t need a home though. What they needed was food. Ideally a plentiful supply that was protected from larger birds and squirrels, maybe through an small opening so it was exclusive to those who fit…

The result was this image. Exposed correctly, in focus with the action captured, perfect in every way.

Except how often do you see a bird taking food away from the nest?!

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