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A hand up

by Darren

I was at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland earlier this year when I saw this father pull his son up across the hexagonal columns which are the hallmark of this site. A fraction of a second earlier you’d have seen the boy dangling mid-air!

Geologists say that the 40,000 or so columns are the result of lava cooling rapidly, something which still occurs naturally today in Hawaii when lava meets the ocean.  At the time, this part of Northern Ireland was situated near the equator – as you probably know, the surface of the earth consists of moving tectonic plates and while they might only travel a few millimetres or centimetres a year, over millions of years different things end up in different places!

Legend says that instead it was built by Irish Giant Finn McCool so he could walk to Scotland to fight his adversary Benandonner, but then fell asleep on the job.  Let’s hope that somewhere he’s nearby resting, but alert enough to catch children who might be dropped by risky manoeuvres while climbing the rocks!

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