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A fledgling birdwatcher

by Neil Richards

Every Friday Darren invites someone to be Guest Editor for the day to choose and discuss three or four images that have not previously been published on the website.  Today’s Guest Editor is Neil Richards.  Neil has a primary passion for orangutan conservation and welfare, which stems from a visit to Borneo in 2000 to see them in their natural habitat, and continues to promote awareness online of their plight. More recently, earlier in 2010, he blogged his experience of giving up palm oil for Lent to raise awareness of decreasing orangutan habitat and numbers.  He has also run the London Marathon in 2009 to raise money for Save the Rhino International and the Edinburgh Marathon in 2010 to raise money for Orangutan Land Trust.  Neil’s next venture is to climb Mera Peak in the Himalayas in 2011 to help raise money for charity: water, you can find out about the team, the charity and expedition at Twitter Team Himalayas. Follow Neil on Twitter for updates.

I’ve always loved animals and always will. But growing up in England, birds did not hold such an exotic appeal.

Recently I have changed my thoughts completely. Perhaps it was bound to happen, as my family consists of many keen birdwatchers, most recently my retired father who has travelled far and wide to see an extensive selection of birds worldwide.

Now I think a photograph of a bird can be every bit as striking and eye-catching.  I defy anyone not to think this capture above is every bit as impressive in its way as a roaring lion. Unfortunately my fledgling bird-watching skills and enthusiasm (pun intended) mean that although I love this photo, I don’t know what kind of bird it is – if anyone enjoys this photo then do tell me and let me know what this bird is! It’s a hobby, and a field of knowledge, in which I can see growing attraction every day!